Environmental Sustainability


MCA takes a holistic approach towards incorporating sustainability throughout its portfolio, developing ESG projects and initiatives that enhance the customer experience, benefit tenants, and improve business operations. The ESG objectives and initiatives range from short-term projects to continuous long-term efforts.

  • Environmental, Social and Governance Policy
    Our policy defines MCA’s position on ESG and is used as a tool to communicate to partners and property managers how MCA integrates ESG considerations into investment and management decision-making. In addition to the overarching ESG Policy, MCA employs specific policies to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability.
    • Energy Management Plan
    • Water Conservation & Management Plan
    • Greenhouse Gas Management Policy
    • Indoor Air Quality Policy
    • Sustainable Procurement Policy
    • Sustainable Waste Management Plan

  • Benchmarking & Reporting Performance
    • All wholly-owned properties benchmark energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track consumption and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Annual GRESB Participant since 2017
    • Awarded Two GRESB Green Stars in 2019

  • Sustainability Initiatives
    • La Palmera was the first indoor-U.S. Mall to be awarded LEED Core and Shell v2.0 Silver Certification
    • 100% of wholly-owned portfolio has implemented LED Lighting Upgrades
    • 100% of wholly-owned portfolio has a recycling program
    • 75% of wholly-owned portfolio by square footage have EV Charging Stations
    • Reduce energy consumption through BAS, HVAC, wall/roof and energy management upgrades/replacements
    • Reduce water consumption through drought resistant landscaping and drip irrigation